About Us

We Shine = Believing in Your Greatness

Many people ask us: what does "We Shine" mean? The easy answer is that it is the state of believing that we are all wonderful people who can and will have an impact in this world!  Co-Founders Bryson and Justin noted the lack of clothing and accessories that feature uplifting and encouraging messages.  When challenged by their Mother to consider "what are you going to do about it?", they immediately responded that “we need to make our own things, that represent who we are and say what we want them to say!”   

Drawing upon the affirming words and behaviors practiced within their own home, they spent several years compiling a list of phrases that they believed the outside world would benefit from.  In February 2020, Bryson (age 10) and Justin (age 6) launched their business idea and debuted We Shine Apparel & Accessories at a Kids Pop Up Shop in their community.

The positive response has been so overwhelming! From a child's perspective, this line of inspiring and encouraging items is an easy way to remind yourself, and others around you, to believe the good things about yourself and to choose to be a light in the world. From an adult's viewpoint, these products serve to combat so much of the negativity that pervades our society. At a time when kindness and positivity are most needed, we are proud and humbled to let the children lead the way in reminding us all to let our lights shine.